How long has it been since your piano was tuned??

It’s back to school time, so a lot of families are starting piano lessons again soon. Is your piano tuned up and ready to perform as well as your student is? Many studies have shown that a student taking music lessons will perform up to-but rarely beyond the level their own instrument will allow.
In other words if the home piano (where kids practice) isn’t functioning properly or sounds way off, it will directly impact the results your student getting from week to week, between lessons. For example- your student attends a weekly lesson, hearing the music demonstrated on their teacher’s instrument ( which is usually ” in tune” and all keys function correctly) and comes home inspired to practice- but, within a brief period of time becomes discouraged by the “twang” (out of tunness) and the keys that don’t respond or function properly.
The next thing that usually happens, is the student wants to quit taking piano lessons.
This same situation can be true with any poorly working instrument ( from guitars to band instruments) So if you would like to set up a piano tuning appointment or wish to have a guitar or other stringed instrument fixed up, please, call text or drop by. Thanks,
Mark (owner/ piano technician and Luthier)

Mark’s Piano Service has been tuning pianos since 1990 and is an Associate Member of the Piano Technicians Guild of America.

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